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It's Sex Time

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Intro [Dec. 14th, 2005|10:07 pm]
It's Sex Time


Hello. I'm sort of new here--not to Livejournal, but to the sex journal scene. As a fiction writer I've produced a few erotic tales in my time, and look to write many more. But what's a writer without a readership? So I'd like to invite everyone to come check out my journal (provided you're 18 or older, and if you're not, what are you doing here anyway? ;)

I'm open to correspondence as long as it's interesting, and comments are always welcome--nay, encouraged.

So... that's all I have tonight. See you soon.

- Artemis Son

[User Picture]From: auzzy
2005-12-16 07:16 pm (UTC)
Sounds lovely.

Welcome to sextime. it's been a bit boring here, as of late, but I'll definitely check out your musings sometime.

See you around the www...
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